Now my sibling no longer judges weed smokers and uses it himself

Even though my sibling and I are only a year apart in age, every one of us couldn’t be more odd from 1 another in manner and disposition.

I’m more athletic and extroverted while my sibling is a studious introvert.

It’s naturally a lot harder for my sibling to form friendships and maintain them than it is for me by contrast. The people I was with and I rarely shared friends because every one of us both chose to hang out with harshly odd crowds at school and out of school. I tried on a number of occasions, however she was typically judgmental towards my friends because they weren’t interested in talking about school or academic subjects. I typically got the impression that my sibling harshly judged myself and my friends, despite the fact that I was given the confirmation of this when she found out in middle school that I had started smoking marijuana with my friends on the weekends. She didn’t even drink alcohol, however she was especially critical of anyone who touched cannabis regardless of the reason. In her mind it was the ultimate gateway drug and had no medicinal value, regardless of what the multitudes of medical experts say. I thought that hell would freeze over long before my sibling would ever support cannabis legalization, let alone try the drug in the first site and like it. But she started dating a girl that was in her buddy group who also happened to smoke weed on the weekends like I do. In a matter of more than one years, my sibling had changed completely and her stance on marijuana took a 170 degree turn. Now he’s a proponent of marijuana legalization and no longer harshly judges those who use the plant officially.

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