Treating torn psoas muscle with cannabis bath bomb

I am a gymnastics instructor and run my own gym.

I work with kids of all ages, teaching them different gymnastic skills.

It is my job to not only help them advance but keep them safe as they attempt more difficult maneuvers. In order to effectively spot them, I am diligent about my own level of fitness. However, some injuries are unavoidable. About a year ago, I was spotting a class of teenaged girls as they performed round-off back handsprings. One of the girls unexpectedly veered off course. I needed to over-extend my body to guide her movement and ensure her safety. I felt a slight twinge in my upper right leg, but didn’t think anything of it. Later that night, the pain escalated, and I realized that I’d torn my psoas muscle. This muscle extends from the buttocks, down the leg, all the way to the knee. The pain was excruciating. It hurt to sit, to walk or lie down. Standing was barely tolerable. I couldn’t drive, work or even sleep properly. I am lucky that I already had a valid medical mairjuana card. I’d gotten it because of occasional bouts of insomnia and migraines. This allowed me to shop at the dispensary for plant-based pain relieving remedies. I purchased a combination of cannabis-infused ointments, roll-ons, tinctures and bath bombs. The bath bomb was especially helpful. Along with cannabis, the bath bomb contained epsom salts and essential oils such as eucalyptus. The hot water helped to open my pores and accelerate the absorption of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN.

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