Some of my conservative friends still love marijuana

That’s why you can’t really view cannabis like a partisan issue

I think it’s important to have people in your life with differing opinions. If you selectively create an echo chamber everywhere you go either in person or online, you run the risk of never growing as a human being. Sometimes people can get too extreme and behave with a toxic mindset, but too often people will remove others from their lives just because they don’t agree on every single political belief. For instance, my father and I get along really well but we don’t always see eye to eye on political topics. However, even in our worst disagreements, we each expose one another to topics and viewpoints that might otherwise completely allude us. This diversity of opinion is a really great thing when two human beings have enough respect for one another to be civil. Some of my best friends have vastly differing viewpoints from my own as well. But, among all of the people I know across the entire political spectrum, one issue that seems to unite many of us is the topic of medical cannabis. It’s not like it was when I was a kid when you saw conservatives en masse condemning all use of the marijuana plant. Nowadays you can see that conservatives and people on the right wing are often some of the biggest champions for legalizing cannabis in all forms. That’s why you can’t really view cannabis like a partisan issue. My most conservative friend for instance smokes more weed than I do on a weekly basis. It’s great that all of us can come together and enjoy cannabis without getting into political disagreements over it like we would have 20 years ago. I’m just happy to see that things have changed and people all over the political spectrum have embraced cannabis to this degree.

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