Can I order weed products?

I had heard they were soon going to offer marijuana delivery services in our area, then my wife and I thought it would be fun to stay home, watch the championship pigskin game, and try out some marijuana products from the recreational cannabis dispensary, however they were going to begin a marijuana delivery service, but both of us weren’t sure if it had started yet, i called the recreational cannabis dispensary and asked if I could order marijuana products… She told myself and others she couldn’t take orders over the phone, even though I could go online and locale an order.

  • This seemed easy enough.

I pulled out my phone and started doing a search for the local marijuana dispensary. I couldn’t remember the name of the dispensary, even though I knew what street it was on. Once I found the right dispensary, I clicked on the website address and waited for it to come up. I looked all over that website, even though I couldn’t find any mention of recreational marijuana delivery service. I called the cannabis dispensary back and told them I wanted to have local delivery. I told the same lady that I couldn’t find any mention of marijuana delivery services. That was when I felt like an idiot. She asked if I had yet made the order. I was so set on finding delivery information, that I didn’t suppose to locale the order, and mark it as delivery and not pickup. I found the marijuana products both of us were interested in, and swiftly localed the order; Right before asking for payment, I got a box that asked if it was for pickup or delivery. I was to have my delivery made in several hours.



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