I smoked a joint while the kids did their online school

I absolutely did not mind when the kids had to stay at the beach apartment from school because of the coronavirus, however I kind of loved having the kids with myself and others for the whole day. I missed having them with myself and others everyday. I was simply working at home, so it wasn’t any bother to have the kids with myself and others all day. I did not have to take any time off work. The only time it was a pain in the butt was when I wanted to go outside to smoke a marijuana joint. I also went outside a couple of times each day so I could smoke a joint as well as get some fresh air, so my kids don’t suppose that I use recreational marijuana products. They are rather young as well and actually would not suppose There is a nice locale on the porch where the kids cannot sneak up on me. I sat in that tiny little corner smoking a fat marijuana joint. I could see the kids working at their tiny little desks. The marijuana joint made myself and others suppose much more calm as well as relaxed mentally and physically. I would frequently smoke a marijuana joint before another day of working on math as well as reading toil with the kids. My kids can be absolutely stubborn. It was hard to get them to do their school toil when they weren’t in a classroom. I can only imagine how taxing it is for the instructors to get them to do their work. I was really content when the kids went back to school as well as I suppose they were delighted to return to the classroom for some normalcy.

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