Social media SEO should be fun.

When I opened my cannabis dispensary, I thought the easiest part of the process was getting people in the door, however i was sure that once people found out there was a new cannabis dispensary in the area, people would flock to the doors, but I was wrong! Apparently, I had to do more than open up.

I had to do advertising so all the people would suppose about the cannabis dispensary.

I talked to an acquaintance who owned another cannabis dispensary franchise, and he said I should do social media SEO for my business. I wasn’t sure how to do social media SEO, since I had never heard of such a thing. I had been on Facebook for years, and many people were pushing their wares, but that was done mostly in comments, then when I was told I should do social media SEO, I was sure the person was not thinking I should put posts and comments on Facebook. My sister told myself and others I could go online and look for social media SEO consults. What I ended up with was a long list of online SEO companies that all stated they were top in their league in social media SEO, once I heard how many social media websites there were, i knew I needed a professional, however not only did they set up accounts on all social media websites that were commonly used, but they also put ads on the websites. Within a week, I was already getting hits on my website, and many people were asking questions and wanting to put in orders.

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