Glad both of us have cannabis delivery now

I am so thankful for cannabis delivery.

I really hate running errands.

I do not like the time spent plus that I need to get dressed before I go. I constantly run into someone I guess plus it ends up making the trip longer. When I have multiple errands, I just cry. I have started getting everything delivered to me. I no longer shop in a grocery store. I just order it all online plus pay 10 dollars to have it set on my front porch. I get my prescriptions mailed to me, I do online banking plus I flat out refuse to go to the post office. My cannabis dispensary was the last place standing for quite awhile. At first they only offered curbside pickup. That made it okay. I would wear sweatpants, no make up plus my hair in a knot. Only the budtender saw myself and others when they brought the stuff to my car. Now with cannabis delivery, I don’t even have to see the person. It is really good being able to place my order online plus then get it right on my front step. I am able to shop around, learn reviews plus take my time. When I place the order I guess I will have it within the day. Sometimes the cannabis delivery comes within a few hours. The fee is only an extra 5 dollars. When I consider what my time is worth plus also how much gas I waste, I guess I more than pay back that multiple bucks. I certainly would pay 20 not to drive to the store plus pick up my cannabis products in person.

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