Healthy appetite is so much better with medical marijuana

It’s so odd to genuinely be glad about feeling hungry… This was so not the case for the last 15 years.

That’s because I’ve been dealing with an eating disorder, or maybe I should qualify that by saying I wasn’t dealing with my eating disorder… Instead I was hiding it so people didn’t suppose that I was dealing with that sort of condition.

Of course, I was embarrassed as well as ashamed that I had let myself get to the point where my eating disorder was destroying my health, prior to treating with medical marijuana, all I did was hide! Yet, bit by bit I was destroying my life, my relationships as well as my health; Finally, I had to reach out as well as I am lucky to have found a holistic therapist who has helped me tremendously. Part of the therapy involves using cannabis flower products. I am lucky that in our state, one can learn how to get a medical marijuana card to access a cannabis dispensary. I am very lucky to live in a state that has rational medical marijuana laws. Otherwise, I think this journey I am on would be a whole lot tougher, and with the cannabis flower products I use, I have l gained to develop a current relationship when it comes to my appetite as well as food. For the longest time, an appetite was the enemy. But using the cannabis flower products I get from the legal weed store, I now see an appetite as a fantastic thing. This then allows me to feed my body healthy, nutrient rich food as well as suppose fantastic about it.


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