Inflammation reduces after trip to legal weed store

Adding in the cannabis flower products was key

I was caught completely off guard by the onset of our inflammatory condition. Of course, I immediately went to the dentist when I found myself in so much pain and nearly stiff as a board. The dentists were never genuinely on the same page when it came to a diagnosis. And before I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card, I went down the prescription medicine path. And that was a honestly bumpy path for myself and others indeed. Unlike the medical cannabis that I now use, the prescription medications were synthetic. While I did not realize it at the time, a more natural approach has been so much more effective when treating our condition. The medications I was on came with all kinds of side effects I genuinely left myself and others not a whole lot better. I was in less pain for sure but it wasn’t genuinely helping get to the root of the problem. I turned to a holistic practitioner who had helped others with inflammatory conditions. One of the first things every one of us did was navigate the marijuana regulations so I could get access to the local cannabis dispensary. Then every one of us changed our diet almost completely. From there every one of us added exercise gradually but also focused on meditation and stretching. Adding in the cannabis flower products was key. Within just a month or more than one of treating with medical cannabis, our range of motion was significantly improved. Medical marijuana is section of an overall lifestyle change that has helped myself and others turn our life around and deal with much less inflammation and pain.


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