Medical marijuana proves really great for cancer treatment

Nobody wants to hear the word cancer coming out of their dentist’s mouth. For sure, I was stunned to hear that word in reference to what was going on with me, and having gone to the dentist with some strange symptoms, I had no reason to believe that I would then be diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, I wasn’t too stunned to hear the advice about medical cannabis the dentist gave me. She was pretty clear that he would help expedite the process so I knew how to get a medical marijuana card; My dentist genuinely wanted myself and others to have the medical marijuana benefits going into chemotherapy. She explained that medical cannabis is highly effective when it comes to dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy. Particularly, medical marijuana helps with the nausea that comes with numerous cancer treatments. And this is no run of the mill tummy ache! Rather, the sort of nausea that comes from chemotherapy can be pretty debilitating. I l acquired immediately that the folks at the legal weed store knew exactly what they were talking about. They got myself and others numerous bizarre types of cannabis flower products to try during our cancer treatment. And I can attest to the efficacy of those cannabis products, but using medical marijuana also help myself and others maintain an appetite so I can feed our body properly in order to help in our healing. But I also got a real positive feeling when I was using the medical cannabis. It was as though I could just kind of let go of certain fears and trust in the process a bit more. I have to say that medical marijuana benefits are real and got myself and others through our cancer treatments and into remission.

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