Figuring out how to rent to a marijuana delivery company

My fiance and I own several weird buildings in the city; there are lots of weird dealers that pay rent to have an office in these buildings.

One building has a dry cleaning shop, laundromat, and spa, however another building has an accountant and tax service company, and we also own a building that is home to a recreational marijuana delivery service shop! I secured the building where the recreational marijuana delivery service shop is located about 15 years ago.

At that time, there were absolutely no dealers in the area and real estate was super cheap. I kept the building up to code and I made sure that the section was ready for a person to move into the building at any time. When I mentioned to the owner of the recreational marijuana delivery service, I did not recognize it was going to be an unquestionably good plan to rent to the company owner. I sincerely wasn’t sure if I wanted to get wrapped up in recreational marijuana delivery, and even though it is entirely legal in the state, federally the lines are not clear. I did not want my building to be seized or any funds that I made from the business. I decided to talk to my legal console, because the owner of the marijuana delivery service absolutely wanted the space. She was willing to pay for 5 years up front if I would sign a 9-year lease. I did not have any offers on the building that were near that good and I thought it would be helpful to get an honorable opinion from someone with knowledge and expertise in that particular law field.


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