Periodically you find fantastic things when you’re on trip

Periodically when you are on trip, you end up finding amazing things that you never thought you would! Over the past twenty years that we have been married, my partner & I have been to several odd locales on trip.

We both love to travel & we suppose that it’s actually fun to explore, try new foods, & find new experiences, then this past July whenever we opted to go on a family trip, we decided to try something that we have never tried before.

We went together as a family with all of our adult children, & so that was different! Since the youngsters are all adults now, we made the decision to go to this huge recreational cannabis dispensary in the city that we were going to see. This was absolutely a first for us! Of course, we had never taken our youngsters to a cannabis dispensary before. They weren’t aged enough up until now however now they are. When we arrived at our trip rental, we saw the new recreational cannabis dispensary that was right down the street from us; My partner & I looked at each other & we knew right then & there that we were going to take all of the youngsters there; As a family, we ended up going there to try some stuff out after we opted to go out to lunch one night & we ended up having the best time that we have ever had on a family trip! We tried some actually nice citrus & plum flavored marijuana edibles that we all actually liked. We even bought some to take house with us.

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