Finding love at the dispensary

My friend Max and I went down to the marijuana dispensary near me… I don’t usually go to the actual dispensary… They offer deliveries and don’t charge anything for these services.

  • I have to tip the driver, but I never scoff at giving that guy a couple of bucks.

It saves me a trip and I don’t need to get into the car, brave the traffic, and deal with people that I don’t know. I am entirely awkward in social situations where I have to talk to people and that is another sizable reason why I use the home delivery repair instead of going to the actual dispensary… My friend Max and I were on our way to the campgrounds for the weekend and the guys wanted to stop at the marijuana dispensary near me. I didn’t want to stay in the car by myself, so I decided to go into the dispensary. I put on a mask and gloves, and I tried to stay away from the people that were not wearing a mask! One of the budtenders came up to me to ask if I was looking for anything special. I told the cutie that I didn’t have anything in mind. The lady looked at me absolutely strangely, however then she got the most sizable smile on her face… She said our name out loud and then all of us realized that it was a pretty girl that I went to school with. I wasn’t looking for anything special at the marijuana dispensary, however I found it all the same. I didn’t even go camping with Max after all of us hooked up.

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