I smoked too much plus I felt horrible this morning

I woke up this morning with an absolute monster of a headache.

I do not know that I have ever had a headache the day after I have smoked weed, however during the last evening I smoked far more buds than I ever have in the past.

One of our friends had a contraption called a gravity bong. I have never used a legit gravity bong plus it was our first time. I took a couple of tokes off the gravity bong then I smoked numerous infused marijuana joints that I bought from the dispensary near me. I also drink an eighth of Jack daniels. The Jack Daniels is honestly the actual reason why I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, however I would rather blame the headache on the marijuana so I do not have to contend with the fact that I honestly have a problem with alcohol. I have been drinking for weeks straight every evening since our bestie left me. This was the first time that I woke up feeling crappy plus I had to call work plus cancel a couple of appointments. My boss was actually exasperated plus very ticked off. I could hear it in his voice on the phone, but he already gave me a warning Last week for being tardy plus now I had to call plus cancel the appointments. If I do not get our act together very soon, there is a pretty nice choice that I am going to lose this task. If I lose this task, then I will lose our friends, our apartment, car, boat, plus the keys to the beachside house.



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