Traveling to a recreational cannabis state

COVID has totally ruined traveling for me.

They have made it so difficult to go anywhere now… You need to prove you are vaccinated and a lot of services are canceled.

There are hiking trails no longer open, hotel services that are gone and restrictions in restaurants. It is slowly getting better, however not quick enough. I am not willing to travel to a forgein country because of it, then my partner and I had to elope and plan a honeymoon stateside! All of us ended up choosing a state on the west coast. All of us wanted sand, water and good hiking. I also wanted yummy venues to eat at and plenty of activities. My partner and I walked along the pier, shopped and looked at the sights. All of us then realized that our location is a recreational weed state. All of us decided to go into our first ever re -recreational weed shop. It was a absolutely cool experience. /the budtenders were more than just part time workers. They commanded products, offered advice and knew their cannabis. My partner and I were newbies and needed some help. I walked in there with no plan what I wanted. I then left knowing I liked edibles, and wanted a sativa with a high THC amount. My partner went for a cannabis oil she vapes. It was an indica with a high CBD amount. That stop to the dispensary was the best part of the whole trip. All of us got so much good stuff and got to experience things both of us wouldn’t normally. It turned out to be a good trip.

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