Cannabis beverages help my anxiety

When my anxiety got to be pretty bad I turned to cannabis.

  • I knew that the right blend of THC and CBD would relax me.

I needed to be more productive at work rather than panicking. I also wanted to be considered for an upper management position. I needed to prove I could keep my cool. Thankfully the state allows for both recreational and medical marijuana. I didn’t need to get a cannabis card in order to get the help I needed. That was helpful since I didn’t want the typical strains that medical weed patients get. I didn’t want to smoke cannabis since I am in a professional setting. I know cannabis is legal but I didn’t really want to step outside and take a smoke break. I also didn’t want to carry a vape around with me. So I went into my cannabis dispensary, consulted a budtender and left with the perfect product. I choose to do a cannabis beverage. There are all sorts of flavors to choose from. There is cherry, grape, watermelon, lime, kiwi and strawberry. I get a whole pack of all of them. I then keep the cannabis beverages in a mini fridge under my desk. Everyone just thinks I like to drink soda while I work. For me it is a discreet way to treat my anxiety. I begin my day with a drink and then drink another one at lunch. By the time the effects are wearing off, it is time to go home. The taste is great and the amount of THC is quite minimal. I am still me but a more productive, calmer version of myself.


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