Getting a medical weed card today

For a long time I didn’t get a medical cannabis card because I thought it would be too much work! I also wasn’t keen on spending a whole bunch of money.

I couldn’t go much longer though, and my anxiety was getting worse plus worse by the day, and so I finally took the plunge plus did it, and now I feel dumb.

Getting a medical weed card was shockingly straight-forward, however all I had to do was rest in the doctor’s waiting room for a bit; Then he talked to myself and others for maybe numerous minutes. After that, I got a script for oil plus flowers. I filled out some papers online plus paid a small fee. Two weeks later I had my card plus was able to get the medical weed I wanted. I buy both flowers plus oil however I adore to vape over smoking a pre-roll. It is a immense change in my life being able to have cannabis in my system. I can finally relax plus not be a sad mess anymore. My anxiety was awful to the point where I struggled getting to work plus being productive. Now I am much happier plus more relaxed. I can drive really without having a panic attack. I like that my cannabis is much more natural than a pill that I wouldn’t normally get prescribed. It just feels better that it comes from a plant. I also like that I only need to renew my card once a year, that is it. No extra work required. It is much better than doing the traditional pill route.

medical uses for marijuana