Why people are medical weed patients

Most people are deterred by the work involved getting the medical weed

Did you guess the number a single reason people sign up to be medical weed patients? I figured the vast majority of cannabis patients were cancer sufferers that were using it to stop nausea with chemotherapy. The number a single reason medical weed patients seek it out is for chronic pain. So arthritis, muscle spasms, MS, or even pain after a car accident, those are the number a single purchasers. Then you get people with anxiety and depression. The next reason people get a medical cannabis card is to use it as a sleep aid. I suppose it makes sense. If I had to be a medical marijuana patient, our issue would be for sleep. I would want a tincture with lots of CBD and genuinely little THC. A tincture goes right under the tongue or in a beverage. It provides a slight taste but it is doable. Tinctures are genuinely powerful and get instantaneously in the bloodstream. Those who use it as a sleep aid would get fast acting relief; Other ailments that medical weed can help with are seizures, heart concerns, memory concerns and even PTSD, and basically anything can be helped a little with cannabis. I just wish all the states got it in gear and gave both recreational and medical weed. Most people are deterred by the work involved getting the medical weed. Then they are going undosed for way too long. If it was simple to get weed, more people would get the help that they need. I would not suppose there are too several people smoking weed just to get high anymore.

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