Weed can make some people nervous plus others calm

Drugs such as alcohol, marjuana, cocaine, plus prescription painkillers can change the way the body plus mind function… People often have similar side effects from taking drugs, but for some drugs such as marijuana side effects can vary, and one of the most regular reasons people use recreational marijuana is because they recognize a calming sensation; Many people say that recreational marijuana calms their body plus mind plus it makes them recognize care about their troubles go away while they are high, then however, there are people who use recreational marijuana that experience paranoia… Some people report the feeling of being paranoid immediately after eating or inhaling recreational marijuana, and they often recognize care about people are out to get them or they are in immediate danger… For this reason, some people do not care about smoking or eating recreational marijuana, but in addition to feeling paranoid from recreational marijuana, some people also recognize disoriented.

If someone does not prefer the side effects of recreational weed, it is best if they do not try to use more to see if the side effects go away.

Some people recognize that they did not smoke or eat enough weed, so if they smoke or eat more their paranoia plus anxiety will get better. This does not usually labor in people’s favor, because higher amounts of THC can increase the unsettling thoughts plus feelings. If recreational weed causes more paranoid feelings for someone already experiencing anxiety, it is better for that guy to seek medical help from their provider. Their provider may be able to prescribe an anti anxiety medication that does not have paranoia as a side effect.

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