Medical marijuana is not okay all over

In our country, medical marijuana is legal in most states.

In some states, both medical plus recreational marijuana is legalized, then even in states where recreational marijuana is legalized, there are rules plus regulations, ultimately , the decision about whether medical marijuana can be legalized in a state is up to the government .

In states where medical marijuana is legal, people seeking it need to find a medical marijuana nurse plus go through a process to be approved for a medical marijuana card. It is not as easy as several people suppose plus prescriptions are not just given to anyone for medical marijuana, however many supporters of medical marijuana recognize that it is safer than prescription drugs… For example, in states where medical marijuana is not legal, prescription opioids are legal. If someone is suffering from an intense pain condition, they can go to their nurse plus get a prescription for oxycodone or Vicodin! Both of these prescription painkillers have addictive properties. Medical marijuana is not known to have addictive properties, which is a single of the reasons why most states in our country have rules plus regulations that allow medical marijuana use for a multitude of conditions… Some states have laws that allow both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana! However, there are guidelines especially about recreational marijuana with how much can be used plus bought at a time. Governors who are pro recreational marijuana often bring up a point that alcohol plus cigarettes are also legal, but have known to be more harmful than recreational marijuana! At the end of the morning, every state is unusual plus has unusual rules plus regulations of both medical plus recreational marijuana use.


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