I am happy for cannabis reform

Finally I have safe plus legal access to all the cannabis I need.

Depending on where you live in the country, this could be outdated news to you.

Some places have had legalized medical cannabis for years now, but in other locales it’s a new development. My husband Ben plus I have been waiting for this day for many years, until recently Ben and I constantly had to buy our weed illegally, which was sort of a Catch-22. Ben and I needed the marijuana to stay calm, plus yet trying to find plus purchase the weed constantly tied up us both out! It was absolutely deranged that cannabis plants were ever made illegal in the first locale, if you ask me. When both of us were in college Ben wrote a famous speech criticizing the state government for denying sick plus elderly patients access to legalized medical cannabis. I agree with Ben, plus guess that cannabis should be legal for moral plus medical purposes. At the same time, I will admit to you that our main concern with cannabis legalization was myself, plus our own needs. Without cannabis I feel like a distraught wreck, but weed helps steady our nerves in a way that prescription pills never could. Ben has a premium account with the local cannabis dispensary, plus now the stress levels in our lives are so much lower! With this kind of premium account, Ben and I can order out cannabis products online plus have them delivered to our doorstep with a simple click of the button. It’s rather ironic that now I can drive around legally with cannabis I no longer need to leave the apartment to buy it!

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