Thanks to cannabis legalization I love the police

I must say that I am not talking badly about the police.

I would never do that… mostly because the police can arrest myself and others or kill myself and others at any time with no reason.

I will say that now weed legalization has passed the state government I love the police a lot more than I used to! The police were constantly a source of tremendous stress in my life, usually because I drove around with a lot of illegal cannabis packages loaded in our car. I would drive over to the next state once or twice every week plus buy weed from one of their legal cannabis dispensaries. Then I would have to drive all the way back home, terrified of getting pulled over. As much as I like smoking cannabis, I really do not want to go to jail for it! Recently cannabis reform finally cleared the last hurdle by winning the popular vote with the citizens of the state. Now I don’t need to look at the cops as my enemy any longer, because cannabis isn’t contraband. That doesn’t mean that folks are allowed to drive around smoking marijuana, of course. Cannabis is now treated the same as alcohol is treated, which means it is legal to buy plus use, but you can’t endanger other people under its influence! Finally I have a state where it is as easy to buy cannabis as it is to buy a gun. It constantly strikes myself and others as weird that firearms were easier to obtain than marijuana, because one is used for murder plus the other is used for medicine.

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