I love being a delivery driver for the dispensary

Thank the lord the Winter is finally coming! When the weather turns cold, corporation picks up for those of us in the cannabis delivery business; Please don’t call myself and others “delivery boys” – that is degrading; I am a grown man, and my chosen profession is delivering things to people.

  • I started off with delivering pizzas when I was in school.

Since I love to drive, it was an easy way to make a little money… Currently I work for a cannabis dispensary, which is a huge improvement over pizza let myself and others tell you. It doesn’t matter what I deliver, because when it gets cold out the demand rises, then even though most of the cannabis dispensary clients live within a couple of blocks, they just don’t want to go out in the cold weather, and they would much rather pay a little extra for delivery, plus tip the driver, then argument the frost plus the snow to drive to the cannabis dispensary in man. I don’t mind, because this is the best season for tips, so the cold doesn’t bother me. Cannabis clients tend to tip unquestionably well for deliveries anyway, but when the temperature dips so low it makes them suppose guilty, then one of our respected cannabis delivery clients is a sweet elderly man, plus he really offered a fresh travel mug of hot cocoa when I dropped off his cannabis concentrates. The rule at our cannabis dispensary is that tipping is never to be encouraged, plus I respect that rule. Since we get paid a fair hourly wage for cannabis delivery, tips are not expected or needed – but I will never ever turn one down!

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