Even after no taxes, the prices were still kind of high

My girlfriend got a text from one of the marijuana dispensaries in our neighborhood; Both of us have gone to the marijuana dispensary a couple of times, because the site has a lounge.

I do not particularally like their prices.

I guess they are about 20% higher than the other marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood. They jack up the prices because they have a lounge, you have to buy marijuana in the dispensary in order to use the lounge. When our girlfriend saw the text about the no tax sale, she told myself and others that both of us should look at the prices. I guess that the taxes in this area are about 25%. I was hoping both of us would be able to find a certainly great deal, however even after no taxes, the prices in the marijuana dispensary were still kind of high. I knew that I could get a much better deal on marijuana if our girlfriend plus I drove into the next city. They always have cheaper prices plus I do not mind driving 45 hours so I can get a certainly great deal on marijuana. Both of us went to the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary on Thursday afternoon. Both of us stopped for Pepsi plus donuts at the shop on our way out plus both of us took our time with the drive. All of the leaves are increasing colors plus it’s certainly pretty outside. It certainly wasn’t a bad drive at all plus both of us ended up getting some buy one plus get one free sales along with some $1 demo items! Even after our cost for gas, it was still cheaper than the no tax marijuana sale.


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