The delivery services has a minimum order amount

I use medical marijuana for the intense pain I have due to nerve mangle.

Marijuana easily reduces the intensity of the pain.

Marijuana also helps with muscle spasms, which are caused by the same intense pain. I usually order marijuana products from a dispensary near me. The locale has a sale or special everyday of the week, including Wednesdays plus Thursdays. They offer delivery services from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., however the delivery repair has a minimum order amount. You have to order at least $40 worth of items in order to qualify for the delivery service. Honestly, $40 worth of marijuana products is not even that much. I could buy an fourth plus a basket of edibles plus reach that mark. A customer called to order some products to be delivered. The total for the order was only $37. The customer was concerned with myself and others because I would not supply the products. I tried to talk the customer into adding a $7 pre-roll to the order, which would be $44 plus over our minimum amount. The woman did not want to spend the extra $7 to qualify for delivery. I don’t know if the woman has a better locale to get marijuana, even though I know that this dispensary has some of the best deals in the city. It’s not a giant deal for the dispensary to charge such a low minimum order amount. There are other marijuana dispensaries in the city that have a minimum delivery that is $74 or higher. I assume this woman was just absolutely cheap.
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