Sometimes I make myself laugh at our stupid antics

It has been an actually tepid and very humid summer season.

I’ve had a lot of time off work and I have been mostly doing outdoor activities that are involving water.

My friends plus myself regularly spend time at the beach. It is actually poor to pack up things into our long wagon plus walk through the hot sand for a mile. I definitely don’t use all of that nonsense unless my friends plus myself are going to spend several hours at the beach. Then I will make sure to pack a cooler with popcorn, sandwiches, drinks and fruit. I buy sunscreen, chairs and an umbrella. When you go to a nice freshwater spring, you can rent a raft or inflatable tube to float naturally down the river. My friends plus myself were on a ref that looked exactly love a boat. There were only a couple of people on the river due to the fact that it was after Labor day as well as the kids were already back in school. My friends as well as myself head and immense been of marijuana products. Every one of us were rolling joints and also smoking bowls. Everything was really good until all of us snagged a tree that was sitting just underneath the water. I heard the inner tube start making a hissing sound and I knew that the water was coming out of it quickly. The sharp tree punctured the bottom of the boat as well as I quickly grabbed my marijuana. I didn’t want any of the marijuana products to get wet, but there was no stopping all of the water from entering the boat.


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