I smelled marijuana coming from his room

A roommate of mine is having marijuana delivered from someone, but the guy won’t share with me any information.

Everyone of us guess the guy has marijuana delivered because of the fact that there is a package waiting from the same place every week.

As soon as the packages delivered, my roommate gets excited as well as goes to the front door. One specific time the driver left everything at the office and my roommate got been out of shape. He kept talking about what happens if someone figures out what is in his box. I smelled some marijuana smoke coming from his room so every one of us decided to knock on the door as well as find out if he was smoking marijuana in there. He only opened up the door a small amount and I could small marijuana coming from inside. I tried to get the guy to tell me what he was doing but he made some excuses to close the door and then he disappeared into the night. He went down to the fire escape with a bag in his hands. The guy was gone almost the entire evening. He disappeared for quite a lot of hours. I saw him a bunch of hours later as well as he was riding a bicycle that the dude must have got from someone else. I’ve never seen him riding a bicycle the whole time that we have been roommates and suddenly he came home with a $300 bicycle and an empty backpack.

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