Some of our friends are pretty cool and interesting

My friends plus myself attended a concert where there were a lot of different bands performing at the same time. All of us knew of the main band however others were still pretty good. It was definitely a nice time to watch all of the different places perform. Everyone of us snuck out to the outside area so everyone of us could smoke a recreational marijuana joint. Everyone of us took the recreational marijuana vape pen so everyone of us would not have much stink. Marijuana flower stink can actually be quite pungent. It is much less pungent when you have marijuana that is vaping. Smoking marijuana supplies makes you really hungry and after the concert all of us definitely wanted to go to the pizzeria that serves food all night long. Every one of us were thinking about Burgers as well as fries, but it definitely seemed like a better idea to get some pizza. All of us weren’t staying very close to the concert location because all of their prices were extremely expensive. We went to a place that is well known and we were surprised when we found out that there was a member from the main band that everyone of us knew. Seeing the band as well as the weird musicians was one amazing as well as unbelievable evening. The people were entirely cool as well as very interesting plus everyone of us got to party with these musical legends while they were acting like regular people and doing normal things.