Our return policy is as lenient as possible

It’s really good this marijuana shop has one of the best return policies.

We absolutely take back almost any product at all that a customer is unhappy with.

The product can be opened and we ask zero questions. It’s okay if you simply want to return that marijuana vape pen just because you didn’t get as high as you thought you would. You can return that to the dispensary and get a different product of equal value. We offer the same return policy on all of our cannabis concentrates as well. If you don’t like the flavor, you can return it and we don’t ask any questions at all. Customers can easily return on used portions of the marijuana sack for an exchange of money. Every one of us rarely has any issues at all so it is unusual to hear someone loud plus annoyed. Every one of us walked to that counter when we heard some noise so we could lend assistance. A brand new Budtender was looking very flustered and all of us offered to help. There was a customer annoyed with the fact that he could not get his money back for the purchase that he had made earlier that day and wanted to return. I apologize that we could not return the money for the guy, but I told him that this was a store policy as well as something that we could not change. The guy grumbled as well as mumbled but eventually he left the marijuana dispensary without any further incident.

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