We went out for the day and took the boat

My friends plus myself like when everyone of us can spend time going bass fishing. Jack has a pretty nice boat that he was gifted from his parents. When they got a larger boat, Jack was gifted the nice bass boat that has seats for eight people. When everyone of us are on the water we have supplies and room for everyone of us to store our fishing gear, poles, life jackets, and coolers. There are comfortable captain’s chairs and even an electric fish finder. Every one of us have taken the boat out lots of times and found ourselves to be stoned by the end of supper. There was a time last Sunday when all of us were on the boat and I had a lot of marijuana. Every one of us got marijuana from the bin plus rolled up an immense size joint. Every one of us had joint papers that were large and I fit about a whole eighth of marijuana and one of those joints. Luckily there was not much wind at all because the wind can cause huge issues. I had some bowls of Gorilla Glue number four which is one of my favorite hybrid strains. The harbor strain made me feel very tired and I found myself wanting to take a nap shortly after we finished smoking the last bit of the marijuana products. While the guys were trying to reel in an immense fish, I decided to sit in the back of the boat and one of the comfortable chairs and take a nap.

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