I liked the way the candy tasted

One coworker in the west coast was on a very long trip and then the person brought back lots of different things for people to try. Every one of us were happy to see the treats that were well known to the West coast. We had treats with popcorn as well as candies, nuts, and snacks. Every one of us got to try different types of Taffy and peanut butter fudge. The guy had weird stickers and weird keychains from different places throughout the city. My coworker brought things back from everyone and one thing for me was something that was actually chosen special. My coworker said that I should have a lollipop that has cannabis. The Cannabis lollipop has 40 mg of thc. The lollipop came from a recreational marijuana dispensary and it tasted like sour oranges. I did not heed the advice of my coworker when she told me to take it easy and not eat the whole lollipop at once. I actually decided to eat all of it at the same time by breaking it up into little pieces. The Cannabis flavor was delicious and the sour orange flavor was pretty good too. I got super high from the Cannabis lollipop and ate everything just as quickly as I could. I had all of this next in sight after I ate the Cannabis lollipop. I like the way the Cannabis lollipop tasted and I think I would probably enjoy some of the other kinds of cannabis Edibles that are available on the west coast.


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