Marijuana shouldn’t be a crime

Marijuana products definitely shouldn’t be a crime.

If you have them at Lake condo plus your personal plus private spaces where you use them, then they should be legal in most of the country.

However in this state there are laws that say getting caught with marijuana can wind you up in a heap of jail trouble. My own child had marijuana as well as was with friends plus they were caught on the highway driving with marijuana in the vehicle. Now our child is in the plan and the judge has been determining that the book needs to be thrown at him. My own child only had a little bit of marijuana in his bin plus some rolling papers. Police officer said that he was going to sell all of those joints to make money. The two of us could not have been more surprised when we received a phone call from an officer at the jail. The two of us do not think that there are rules that are weird for many people just because of geographical locations. Everyone of us actually supposed marijuana products could be legalized for medical plus recreational purposes. The government could easily keep a tally on who are the people that are buying just like they do in the places that have recreational marijuana laws already. It actually seems like it would be simple just to say yes and anyone dragging their feet is stopping the state from having a huge economic boost. That would pay for so many things around here.


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