Sometimes my head isn't in the right place

I often get overheated during the hot as well as humid summer days.

When I have some time off work I go to interests that regularly involve water.

My friends as well as myself spend time at the beach. I absolutely hate packing up everything inside of the wagon unless I am going to spend more than a few days at the water. The two of us get a cooler input sandwiches, fruit, snacks, as well as drinks inside. The two of us bring sunscreen as well as chairs and umbrellas. Some days my friends as well as myself will drive all the way down south so we can go to one of the numerous freshwater springs. You can rent an inner tube or a raft and Float directly down the river for hours and hours and it is a lot of fun. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid and it is a lot of fun. My friends and I went to the springs last year and we were on a huge inflatable raft. My friends as well as myself had that raft and we were smoking out of a large tote of marijuana. I got the marijuana from a dispensary in town. The marijuana was all portioned out so my friends and I could smoke it but then there was a gust of wind that came by and everyone of us thought that the marijuana products were going to get wet. I jumped as quickly as I could. My head was about to go underwater, but I tried to keep them marijuana from getting wet.

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