Marijuana can be delivered to anyone around here

My roommate has marijuana that is delivered from some person.

I’m not 100% sure exactly who is delivering the products or even where those packages seem to come from, but I know there are packages that are delivered as well as my friend ends up with marijuana when the transaction is over.

Sometimes the guy even freaks out if the mailman leaves our packages near the front of the doorstep instead of at the office which only makes me believe even further that the guy is hiding something serious. Several days ago my roommate got home from work as well as immediately disappeared into his room. I made a comment about the fact that he was hiding something and he didn’t say anything at all. He just laughed out loud a little bit. It was weird the way that we had the exchange. After that he went into his room as well as then I started to smell marijuana all over the place. I could smell marijuana and it was a strong odor. The whole house filled up with the stench. The two of us knocked on the door as well as the guy said that he was busy. He never came to the door as well as I heard him go down the fire escape later. I don’t know why it was a big deal for me to know that he was using recreational marijuana products, but I guess he was trying to keep that to be a secret. Marijuana can be delivered to almost anyone around here and that includes my roommate.
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