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My friends as well as myself enjoyed a concert.

  • The two of us watched a couple of the band’s performances.

The two of us knew of the main band however multiple bands ended up with a decent place. Everyone had a great time while the two of us were at the location. The two of us went to a couple of different places together. We took our marijuana vape pen so the two of us would not be recognized by the stink of the marijuana products. Often the stink of marijuana is enough that it can be easily recognized. The two of us were smoking recreational marijuana supplies as well as left the area to have some burgers as well as some fries. It was true that we were not absolutely going to stay very close to the location and we found ourselves pretty close to an area where we have been before. My friends and I were all equally surprised to see one of the bands from the earlier concert in that same bar. It was much later now in the evening and they were hanging out there at the same place as us. All numerous of the band members were near that corner booth and my friends as well as myself sat down very close to them so we could hang out and grab some of their conversation. The band people went outside to have a smoke as well as there was a person that wanted us to try recreational marijuana products. I was more than happy to give it a try and I thought that was cool of the band members to offer.

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