We offer full exchanges on all marijuana products

Our marijuana shop has an enjoyable policy on returns.

The place takes anything back even if it has opened.

There are zero questions and they will exchange it for a full replacement. If the customer does not enjoy a certain marijuana vape pen flavor, then the customer can return that product to the cannabis dispensary for a weird product of equal value. If the client does not regularly enjoy one certain type of marijuana, then they can also return the portion of marijuana for a different type of product. There are some people at the exchange counter who don’t believe this is our policy but it is true that we rarely have questions. It is not very frequent that there are sounds of distress coming from that area because we do take back anything without asking. When a new budtender looked flustered as well as the two of us were worried, I decided to go over as well as offer some additional help. The client said there was no cash for a refund but he wanted to get all of his money back for the product. The two of us politely explained that there are no cash refunds and the best that we could do was store credit. It was honestly not something that is ever a big deal to our customers as well as I was surprised that the guy made such a big fuss about the return policy. The guy left unhappy and angry about our decisions, but I have to follow what the store policy is.


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