We spent a bunch of time with my friends

My friends as well as myself regularly have enjoyable time spending activities with our friends.

  • We regularly go fishing as well as to the lake and places that are like that.

I have a friend that has a nice bass boat that has room for everyone. The bass boat is from the guy’s parents and it is pretty nice with seats for several different people. When the two of us are by the lake, the two of us have space for the supplies that we need as well as we have space to sit and relax. My friends as well as myself even have coolers that are located under the seats where we can place our sandwiches as well as baked. The boat has a special machine that helps us find the fish. My friends as well as myself were out on the boat having an enjoyable time. I took some recreational marijuana with us so we could roll up a joint and smoke a blunt. Jack as well as my friends as well as myself smoked the two gram joint as well as we also had a couple of bowls of the same stuff. Everyone was baked by the time we were done. Everyone of us were stoned after lunch and the two of us made our way to our number one spot by the water. I grabbed marijuana, but everyone else was already high. I smoked a joint and then I headed out to catch a large fish in the wake. I was too tired and ended up coming back to the boat to lay down on the backseat and take a nap.

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