The flavor was less than enjoyable, but my butt was high

One coworker of mine decided to go over to the West Coast area for a couple of days as well as that person brought to me many things for myself to try.

That guy had popcorn as well as other treats that were easily and regularly known to be found on the west coast.

The guy also had additional nut treats as well as many different flavored sour candies. The guy had Taffy as well as some fudge. He also had many different weird stickers as well as keychains. My coworker brought products back for me as well as this was a lollipop with cannabis. Every one of us told this guy that the two of us had not tried anything from a recreational cannabis dispensary. The two of us know that states in one part of the country have legal recreational marijuana as well as huge selections of these products. My coworker was nice to bring back a cannabis lollipop. This cannabis lollipop was supposed to taste enjoy yellow solar berries as well as it was supposed to be with 50 mg of tetrahydrocannabinols. My coworker said not to eat the lollipop all at one time. I was not going to listen to anything and of course wanted to know exactly how the side effects would be if I went ahead and had a little bit of everything. Well that turned out to not be a very good idea after all, because the lollipop was very high in cannabis. I ended up with a bad taste in my mouth. The Cannabis flavor was old as well as musty. The flavor was not enjoyable but I was definitely high.
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