The laws across the country vary from state to state

It should not actually be a crime to regularly use marijuana products if you are at home as well as in private space as well as personal area.

Recreational as well as other medical marijuana products are absolutely legal in a great part of the country.

In this particular state, you cannot get caught with any type of marijuana where you will end up in big trouble. My child was using some marijuana products with a couple of friends as well as they were caught. The judge decided to determine that my son needed to have the book thrown directly at him and even though he only had a half of an ounce of marijuana, the judge determined that the rolling papers meant that he was going to roll it up individually for sale. The two of us were absolutely flabbergasted when the two of us received that call from our son in jail. The two of us right away went directly to the police area to bail him from jail. Then the social workers immediately were involved due to the fact that he was arrested with an intent to possess more than enough to sell. My own kid would not even be in much trouble at all if this were some other place but due to these laws, he is probably going to end up spending several months in prison now. I entirely believe that marijuana products for the two of us should be legalized for every person across the country. All government officials would not drag their feet so that there could be a boost of economy for everyone.

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