Making the dispensary more secure

I was having trouble with theft in my store, then i wasn’t sure who was to blame, however were my budtenders lifting the products off the shelves or customers? Where was the majority of my stock being taken from? I couldn’t seem to figure it out.

I put up security cameras plus found nothing.

I then got desperate plus hired a medical marijuana corporation consulting service. I figured if the medical cannabis consultant couldn’t find the perp, it just was meant to be, then the cannabis consultant immediately told myself and others my issue was the layout of the store, and she pointed out that my shelving units were tall plus opaque. They blocked my views of a lot of stock on the shelves; Also, I had cameras behind the money register, but nothing by the front door. I also didn’t have any hidden cameras someplace. The cannabis consultant also pointed out that there was a route to the side of the store that a lady could certainly sneak out without detection from the worker at the front register. The more than one of us transfer around my store… Everything was opened up plus my shelving units were shortened plus made of all glass. I then changed my camera arenament. I had 1 behind the register, 1 in each corner, 1 by the door plus also a few mounted up on the shelving units. I then sat back plus waited, however nobody was stealing from myself and others anymore. I still don’t guess who the culprit was. I don’t care though, there is no more missing stock.


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