Life balance comes with holistic approach and legal weed

I’m going to be quite frank about recreational marijuana.

It’s been a life changer for me.

And that’s just so ironic as I spent a lot of my life railing against recreational weed and even medical marijuana. This came from being raised with all sorts of myth and misinformation when it came to cannabis. I thought it was evil and made sure to let everyone else know what I thought. But as I’ve learned as I’m going through the process of rebuilding my life, this reality comes with a whole lot of irony. These days, legal weed and the cannabis store I get it from are keys to a foundation for being my best self. That’s where I am in life and it took riding my old life into the ground before I finally realized that I’m allowed to be happy. It’s weird no longer being married or having to raise kids. The kids turned out find but the marriage was never a partnership. I’m starting over now and part of my new approach comes with holistic intentions. Using legal weed helps me stay really honest with myself and trust my feelings. That’s still new to me, trusting my feelings. But I’m learning that the real truth is often right inside those feelings that I’m finally giving credence to. While I have worked hard to finally live the life I want to live, it’s sure been made easier with access to legal pot from the cannabis store near me. And, all the people at the cannabis store are just so kind and supportive as well.

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