The problem was my website wasn’t ranking well

For a long time I figured owning a cannabis dispensary website was good enough.

If you needed to place an order for curbside pick up, you could do it online.

There was information about the products and store hours. There, good enough. I noticed that it was tough to find my website though. When you would search cannabis and my area, my website wasn’t one of the top results. You had to scroll way down the page to find me. I offer the freshest products in the area. I have the largest cannabis dispensary and have been in business the most. I should have been ranked number 1. I started googling how to get my website up higher. I found I could either hire an SEO business to target keywords from my website to help me rank organically or just do PPC. Pay per click advertising guarantees a top spot but not a sale. You pay everytime someone clicks on you regardless if they make the sale. This seemed good enough for me. I noticed that I was paying a lot, at the top of google but not making as many sales. I then took a critical look at my web design and realized that it was pretty basic and boring. I ended up using a social media marketing team to do the new website design anyway. They got it much more modern and added a lot of pertinent information. I also didn’t need to pay for PPC anymore since they were doing it the SEO way.

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