The labels were sideways as well as everything had to be removed

I work in a packaging facility where every one of us respectfully package marijuana as well as marijuana products… I work on the line that packages dried marijuana flower.

  • All of the marijuana flower is localed in a sizable hopper as well as the component shakes a few buds into each bag, but the bags are weighed as well as then sealed as well as then all of the packages head over to the labeling area… Each 1 of the packages of dried marijuana flower receives a label with pertinent information.

The packages of marijuana flower have to contain the strain, harvest date, THC count, as well as the neighborhood as well as state where the marijuana flower was grown. The shipping labels are chosen by the individual corporation. The two of us are only responsible for putting the labels on the package. All of the labels are fed into a component as well as after that I locale packages of marijuana flower on the transportor belt. As they move through the line, the label maker clamps down on the bin as well as adds a label while sealing it directly to the plastic. The process is entirely fast as well as efficient as well as the labeling process only takes 1 employee off of the floor, however unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago there was a complication with the component that labels the packages. The labels were sideways as well as every one of us didn’t realize there was a complication until nearly 300 packages of marijuana flower had gone through the transportor belt. The two of us had to remove all of the labels as well as some of the packages had to be emptied as well as remade. The two of us really lost 3 or 4 hours because of the issues with the labeling machine.

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