I tried the new indica strain plus it was honestly flavorful plus potent

Jack plus I went to the marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago plus the lady behind the counter told us about a brand new strain that just came into the store.

The Indica strain was a potent plus powerful plus guaranteed to hit us prefer a ton of bricks.

I purchased an ace of the marijuana strain, then jack purchased some other products from the store prefer edibles, concentrates, plus a small package of cannabis elixir. We went back to the apartment plus the first thing that the two of us did was open up the new Indica strain. It smelled honestly fresh plus fruity. The buds were dense plus thick plus filled with tiny little white plus green hairs. I grabbed our bong from the table plus I stopped a big bud of the Indica strain into the bong. I put some fresh, cold water into the neck of the bong plus I started smoking the marijuana buds. I could taste the natural terpenes plus flavonoids in the marijuana. The Indica strain was honestly flavorful plus fruity. Jack had a few rips from the bong too. We entirely smoked half of the basket of marijuana buds during that smoking session. When Jack plus I were finished smoking, both of us were ready to go to sleep. I didn’t have energy at all. It was as if the marijuana strain sucked out every bit of energy that I had left for the evening. All I wanted to do was go to bed plus get a fantastic evening of sleep. I honestly went back to get more of that a single.

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