I do not like getting cannabis flower jars from low tier dispensaries because of the mold complications

When I worked for a farm several years in my early 20s, I l acquired how small mistakes could quickly lead to severely costly concerns. If every one of us had a pest outbreak on a crop, every one of us could lose a significant portion of an entire season’s resite. The stress of trying to maintain all of these variables at any given moment was too much for me. All of us had a single identifiably hard year because of inclement weather, plus I decided that I’d be a lot happier working in a strange industry. Despite moving to the cannabis industry plus working in sales, I still talk to my friends who labor in agriculture out west. They tell me that a lot of outdoor grows have complications with mold whenever there’s too much moisture in the environment. I believe this to be true because of the cannabis companies I labor for. They have a big grow facility plus they have to destroy crops whenever they get bud rot or mold. However, there are unscrupulous cannabis companies that will sell infected products to patients that are lab diagnosed before the mold can take hold plus propagate. By the time the cannabis flower products reach the customer, the mold will either be detectable by smell or by sight. I don’t love getting cannabis flower jars from low tier dispensaries out of fear I could get moldy cannabis flower products. I don’t want a moldy batch of weed, so I stick with cannabis flower products from the company that employs me currently. There’s a competitor of ours that also sells quality cannabis flower products, however their prices reflect the quality of their products.


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