It’s hard for me to afford my favorite cannabis products like live rosin and top shelf flower

I miss my old job when I was making close to $40,000 a year and had the esteem of a much more respectable position.

  • When that company folded, I had no choice but to take a pay cut working for a competitor because it was the only job available for me at that point.

While I haven’t given up on the hope that I’ll someday find a better paying job doing the same thing I am right now, it’s still a hard fact that I have to stick to a strict budget every week or I won’t be able to afford my important bills. But the more I think about it, is it a bad thing that I’m learning fiscal responsibility and budgeting at this age? Surely it would have been ideal to learn these skills younger, but if I still haven’t tried to create a family of my own, it’s still not too late. I have spreadsheets that contain all of my expenses throughout the month, giving me an idea of where I need to allocate money to survive each week. Sadly, I had to cut back drastically on my cannabis purchases because of the rising costs of other goods and services that are more important to my survival than my consumption of marijuana and its constitutive products available. If money was no object, I’d be consuming cannabis products like live rosin concentrates and top shelf cannabis flower products on a daily basis. While I can still afford cannabis flower products, I don’t purchase top shelf varieties anymore because of my inability to afford them for the time being.

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