There’s a delay, but its rapid

I hated cough medicine as a child more than any of my older siblings combined. It pains myself and others to remember how I gave my parents a lot of grief if they tried to supply myself and others during the times I was sick. Head colds would tear through our household faster than tornados starting with a single sibling & making its way through the entire family unit until every last a single of us was infected. Since I have had asthma, I usually got the sickest out of almost everyone else in the family, even worse than my ancient Grandfatherrents with their compromised immune systems. Thankfully from that point I quit getting sick so much after I moved into a studio condo following school graduation & finally got away from students & family members all of the time. When I’m at work, I always keep my workspace cleaned & sanitized & I’m careful not to touch my face, nose, & mouth at random times while I’m at my job or in public. The last time I got a nasty head cold, I could barely choke down the cough medicine. That’s why I was so reluctant to honorably try cannabis tinctures when my medical marijuana Dr recommended it. The cannabis tinctures lay under your tongue so they can absorb through your tongue. They do the task faster & stronger than traditional marijuana edibles in my limited experience. Thankfully I realized that the cannabis tinctures that I purchased had an unbelievable taste to them & didn’t make myself and others feel quite so sick to my stomach the way I do when I have to choke down nasty cough syrup. That easily means I can utilize cannabis tinctures when I want a cannabis product that will supply effects for longer than an hour or 2 at a time.


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