The cartridge really helps me

After switching directors at work, I still do what I’m passionate about but now I get to travel out of state various times a week.

I might dislike this schedule if I was married & had children to care for, but I’m still a bachelor with my entire life ahead of me.

That’s why I relished the many occasions I get to be on planes, even when it’s a biweekly grind that generally would bother most of my coworkers. I understand that they would rather be with their loving families instead of waiting on plane layovers in busy airports during a time when flu & contagious COVID cases are on the rise again. That’s why I volunteer to take these gigs long before someone with 2 children is forced to do it against their will. I’m going to personally relish these options to travel while I still have them. Someday I might be in my coworker’s shoes & will hopefully be welcoming children with a loving romantic partner. Another reason I don’t mind traveling right now is because honestly it has never been easier for myself and others to travel discreetly with cannabis. You can go out and buy cannabis vaporizer cartridges that are extremely easy to conceal because they generally are identical visually to a nicotine vaporizer cartridge & won’t smell the same as weed if there are botanical terpenes inside instead of cannabis derived terpenes. So, essentially all you have to do is put the cartridges in with your keys at the TSA booth while passing through the security checkpoint at the entrance of your terminal. I have yet to get in any variety trouble, especially when you’re confident & never lend any suspicions to the staff honestly working that morning.
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