Rewinding the clock with cannabis products

Being an old dog, I’m reinventing some of the old tricks of my youth.

And I’m finding this to be quite beneficial to my life these days.

A great example of that is my approach to recreational marijuana. When I was a younger man, I enjoyed cannabis very much. It was a time in my life for experimentation and I enjoyed that immensely. However, cannabis was less of an experiment than it was a liberation. Looking back, recreational marijuana allowed me to gain a perspective that was so crucial for my adult life. At the time, I was studying in order to prepare for a career. That was important stuff and I tended to be quite serious about success. My grades were super important and I studied very hard. And that’s where the cannabis products came in back in the day. On Saturday of each week, I would go to the park and enjoy the sunshine with my friends. I would also share some sativa or indica products during those wonderful sunny days. Even back then, I could literally feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders as I used the cannabis to let go. Well, I’ve now learned some 25 years later, that going to the local cannabis spot for sativa strains is necessary. Once again, I stress myself with the life challenges of this chapter in my life. And those sativa products from the cannabis dispensary help me let them go once again. For sure, sativa strains and some of the new hybrid strains are going to be essential as I navigate getting older. There is still a lot of life to live and I’m thankful that cannabis products help me maintain the sort of perspective that helps me enjoy this time of my life.



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