Trying legal weed for the first time

When my husband and I decided to vacation in a different state, we looked for different things to do.

We were near a beach and decided to stay at a resort on the water.

We shopped in high end areas, got massages and rode scooters on the boardwalk. That was fun. Another thing the state offered was legal weed. Our state only medical cannabis is permitted. My husband and I weren’t sure how we felt about cannabis. However, the two of us agreed to at least stopping in a dispensary and seeing what it was all about. I am really glad we did this. I kind of thought a cannabis dispensary would be more like a gas station or a seedy pawn shop. Instead a cannabis dispensary was more like a high end retail shop. There were glass cases filled with all different products. There were sales going on and all sorts of bright colors. It was very clean, modern and edgy looking in there. The budtenders were wandering around chatting with people and offering advice too. My husband and I didn’t plan on buying, but it was such a good set up. I ended up choosing some chocolates with THC in them and my husband tried vaping a cannabis oil for the first time. We really enjoyed touring the dispensary. Afterwards we really liked the products we had. I never thought I would like being high. The budtender started us out with very mellow products though. Neither of us got overwhelmed. It was a great experience for sure.

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